Hello everybody!

Recently, I’ve had a thing for wearing bright lipsticks, especially this beautiful fuchsia by No7.  I bought it sometime ago but yet it is only now when I have come to wear it.

No7 Classic Rose

And here is what it looks like on the lips:

Classic Rose Swatch

It really looks great on the lips, for me this is an ideal colour for my skin tone and hair. I prefer to apply it straight out of the bullet but it could definitely be bolder and more precise if applied with a lip brush, which I just sometimes cannot be bothered to do!! It would also be best if applied alongside a lip pencil to prevent bleeding but again this is not a necessity, most days I wouldn’t bother. As for longevity, its alright I guess, it lasts a few hours before beginning to fade, if I was going out I would take it with me in order to top up.

So, would I recommend it? If you have the budget for a £9 lipstick then absolutely, it is a great lipstick, fantastic for those who prefer a bolder lip! However, with a smaller budget, I think there is just as good lipsticks out there, instead of this.

The No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick is available at Boots here.