Hello everybody!

I have a real passion for photography, so today I thought I would share with you a couple of photographs from my portfolio, I’d like to make this a weekly feature, let me know what you think. I’ve been taking photography seriously for the past two years and am happy with what I have taken. However I am aware that art is completely personal, you may not like what I’ve taken, that’s up to you! Any constructive criticism is welcome! Anyway here is a bit of a taster…

Morning Mist


I love the reflection in the water as the mist rises. I took this very early in the morning and am very happy with it, it was worth getting up early!

Trees (Lots of them!)


This isn’t the best of my photos, I just like the beautiful landscape and the fact that it looks into the horizon. I also like the intensity of the colour of the tress and also the patch of yellow in the centre.

So that’s just a snippet of my photography, please leave any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated! I do prefer landscape photography but do sometimes delve into wildlife and buildings to shake things up!