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No7 Classic Rose Lipstick

Hello everybody!

Recently, I’ve had a thing for wearing bright lipsticks, especially this beautiful fuchsia by No7.  I bought it sometime ago but yet it is only now when I have come to wear it.

No7 Classic Rose

And here is what it looks like on the lips:

Classic Rose Swatch

It really looks great on the lips, for me this is an ideal colour for my skin tone and hair. I prefer to apply it straight out of the bullet but it could definitely be bolder and more precise if applied with a lip brush, which I just sometimes cannot be bothered to do!! It would also be best if applied alongside a lip pencil to prevent bleeding but again this is not a necessity, most days I wouldn’t bother. As for longevity, its alright I guess, it lasts a few hours before beginning to fade, if I was going out I would take it with me in order to top up.

So, would I recommend it? If you have the budget for a £9 lipstick then absolutely, it is a great lipstick, fantastic for those who prefer a bolder lip! However, with a smaller budget, I think there is just as good lipsticks out there, instead of this.

The No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick is available at Boots here.





A Photography Snippet

Hello everybody!

I have a real passion for photography, so today I thought I would share with you a couple of photographs from my portfolio, I’d like to make this a weekly feature, let me know what you think. I’ve been taking photography seriously for the past two years and am happy with what I have taken. However I am aware that art is completely personal, you may not like what I’ve taken, that’s up to you! Any constructive criticism is welcome! Anyway here is a bit of a taster…

Morning Mist


I love the reflection in the water as the mist rises. I took this very early in the morning and am very happy with it, it was worth getting up early!

Trees (Lots of them!)


This isn’t the best of my photos, I just like the beautiful landscape and the fact that it looks into the horizon. I also like the intensity of the colour of the tress and also the patch of yellow in the centre.

So that’s just a snippet of my photography, please leave any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated! I do prefer landscape photography but do sometimes delve into wildlife and buildings to shake things up!





The Face Mask Under a Fiver…

Cucumber Face Mask

Hello everybody!

Today, we’re talking skincare and a mask from Boots that I love, the 3 minute clay mask from Boots Essentials, in the cucumber flavour.

This mask claims to be suitable for all skin types, with the cucumber extracts soothing and softening the skin while the clay mask draws out any impurities and excess oils, leaving your skin squeaky clean and fresh. I would definitely agree with this, it is perfect for my combination skin and I do fill it helps remove any grime from my face, you can definitely feel it working! Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it for those with very dry skin as I feel it would dry out the skin too much, but if your skin is normal/combination/oily, this would be great for you. In fact if you have very oily skin this would be fantastic for you, it is great at getting rid of excess oil!

The fact that this is a 3 minute mask makes it very convenient to use, on days when I just want something quick and am not going for a full on pamper, 3 minutes is easily all you need, though you can leave it on for slightly longer if necessary. 1 quick note, if you’re not a fan of a cucumber scent, STAY AWAY!! The smell can be quite strong, especially when first applied.

However this mask is a staple, I use it about once a week, as I like to mix up face masks during the week! Oh and did I mention the price? £1.50. Yeah. Need I say anymore.

The Boots Essentials 3 minute Cucumber Clay Mask can be found online here

What are your budget skincare saviours?




*Everything mentioned in this post has been bought with my own money*


10 things that I’m looking foward to in August


Hello everybody!

So the month of August is upon us, I know everybody says this but 2014 is truly going fast. I am really excited for August, this is what I am looking forward to:

1. Beautiful weather, sunshine (hopefully)!!!

2. Having the opportunity to relax, again hopefully!

3. Going on holiday.

4. Having a Hunger Games marathon (I know, I know)

5. Going shopping with my friends and family

6. Hanging out with my friends

7. Attempting to get a tan

8. Enjoy the outdoors, I definitely don’t do that enough.

9. Get myself in the best position possible for the new term

10. Have fun!!!

So what are you looking forward to in the month of August?




July Favourites 2014!

July Favourites!
July Favourites!

Hello everybody!

Today I am going to share with you all of the things that I have been loving through the month of July. July is my favourite month of they year, it marks my birthday (expect a haul next week), as well as the end of term and of course fantastic weather! Here are the things that have been making me happy this month! *WARNING!  There’s a lot of them!*

Body care

Okay so I’ve really been loving body care this month. To start with we have the Soap and Glory Mist you Madly Body Spray which I received for my birthday a few weeks back.  This is such a lovely scent, fruity and floral, perfect for summer. As well as this, it scent can be smelled for ages after it is sprayed and the mini edition can be carried in your bag for all day loveliness!! Expect a full review soon!

Soap and Glory and me have really been getting on this month, I’ve been loving their Smoothie Start Breakfast Scrub, again another birthday gift which you can expect a review on soon. The smell. Think maple syrup, pancakes, porridge, ahhhh! It smells good enough to eat as well as being a fantastic scrub. You can see the review next Friday.

The Body Shop are fantastic at shower gels, I am a huge fan of the Moringa variety but recently I bought the Honey mania flavour for a bit of a change.  I really love it, it leaves me feeling clean and smelling really fresh and I think at £4, these are fantastic value for money, especially as they last me a good amount of time!

Finally we have the Garnier Summer body moisturising lotion, which for an extremely pale person like me, is an absolute essential. It gives you all the moisture you need while also working as a gradual tanner, so its not going to turn you orange after the first application. I really like this, especially the apricot scent and the fact that it lasts for ages, for less than a fiver it is definitely worth it, just make sure you apply it equally and smoothly so it doesn’t turn patchy!!

No7 BB Balm

I only have one makeup favourite this month, the No7 BB Lips in Blink Pink. I received a sample for my birthday recently and would definitely buy the full size, it is perfect for the summer! Containing an SPF of 15 and giving a light coverage on the lips I have been constantly reaching for it. The colour is beautiful, a girly pink, in fact the only disadvantages are that it doesn’t last that long and for what it is, its a bit pricey at £9. However, I still love it!

The Hobbit DVD

So, onto my random favourite for this month, the Hobbit! The trailer  for the last film has recently been released and I must admit I am excited to see it, though not as much as I am for the Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 *Screams in anticipation*. However I loved the first two Hobbit films and look forward to the finale!!

What have you been loving in the month of July?




The Disappearance of Fairly Fantastic


Hello everybody!

Some of you may have realised that I haven’t been posting recently. I am so sorry, the past few weeks have been so full on that I haven’t had time to write the creative, engaging blog posts that I want to give you. July is such an incredibly busy month with my birthday, holidays and other major events that have taken up a lot of my time, thus my blog has had to take a step back. I am not trying to make excuses, I am now organising myself a lot better and now intend to deliver lots of content in the coming weeks. I set myself very high goals and I would rather give nothing at all than boring posts that I am really not happy with.

So what now? I am looking forward to bringing you lots of brand new content, based on beauty, fashion and lifestyle throughout August which I really hope you enjoy. Please let me know about any content you would like to see. Plus, if you are following, thank you, it means so much!

Lots of love,


P.S: I don’t know why I chose the picture of the swan, I just thought it was really pretty I guess!

On my nails this season!

Hello everybody!

So now it is officially July, it really is summer for me, therefore I have bundled together some of the nail polishes that you will see on my nails a lot this summer, there are some really beautiful colours here!

Summer Nails 2

Barry M Nail Paint in ‘Coral’

This beautiful pinky coral has been on my toes for the past two weeks and hasn’t budged! It is such a perfect colour summer and looks fantastic on both fingers and toes, plus its a steal at £2.99!

Max Factor Max Effect Nail Polish in ‘Satsuma’

The orange lip may be on trend this summer, however I have also been favouring the orange nail. This is a new colour to my collection and I cannot comment on it’s longevity yet, but I adore its fieriness and I think it would suit a lot of skin tones.

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish in ‘African Tea Rose’

Not only does this actually smell quite nice when on the nails, but it looks really beautiful, as you can see I am definitely favouring summer brights! Plus, isn’t the bottle fantastic?

Leighton Denny Nail Polish in ‘Golden Girl’

This. Is. Stunning. Not your typical gold at all, it has incredible depth and shine to it, plus, I bought it in the M&S sale for £1. Stunning.

Barry M Nail Paint in ‘Delicate Pink’

I have owned this nail polish for years, in fact I believe it was the first I ever bought, yet it still comes up every summer for when I want a more delicate nail. As you can see, I love the Barry M polishes!

So, what are your favourite summer nail polishes?



For Those Rainy Days…

Hello everybody!

First of all, apologies for a lack of posts in the past week, I have just been blown off my feet with the amount of things I have had to do, however I will ensure that that changes from now on! Today I am going to share with some of my favourite summer films, those movies that I cannot wait to sit down and watch this summer, NOT THAT I RECCOMEND YOU SPENDING ALL YOUR TIME IN FRONT OF THE TELEVISION!!! These are for those days when the great British weather means that I am sentenced to the indoors!

Favourite Summer Movies

The Hunger Games Catching Fire:
I.LOVE.THIS. I like sitting down to watch this with my fellow Hunger Games addicts (my best friends), with a big bowl of ice cream and bottle of cokes for a really lazy afternoon. The original movie is another favourite but I have a feeling I might be watching this one a bit more over the summer! Great performances, a fantastic storyline full of emotion and twists, if you like drama with hints of romance and a lot of action, then this is for you!

The Lion King:
When I was 4, I watched this everyday. EVERYDAY. Yet still sometimes to remind myself of my childhood, I settle down with my Simba soft toy, don’t even ask, and watch it for yet another time it is still one of my favourite films, WHO DOESN’T LOVE TIMON AND PUMBAA? *Bursts into singing ‘Hakuna Matataa’. Just watch this

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2:
I’ve seen all the films I’ve read every single book. I’ve been to the Studio Tour. I am a member of the online forum Pottermore, *sheepish grin*. I like the Harry Potter just a bit, just a little bit. But, this is my favourite film from my series, it is simply the perfect finale, everything the book has and more!

So, I hope you have enjoyed discovering the movies that I will be watching this summer, what are your rainy day films?



My Favourite Summer Palette

Hello everybody!

I am continuing my week of summer posts by telling you about one of my favourite palettes at the moment which I actually used in my Makeup Look #1 yesterday which you can read here.


So this is the MUA 12 Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Glitter ball’. Often in the blogging world or on YouTube you see reviews about other MUA palettes, particularly ‘Undressed’, a dupe for the original Naked palette. However, I have never actually seen a review for this ne, perhaps people are scared off by the bold colours or think that because it is MUA, they will not receive great quality.


Yes, the colours are bright, but are very wearable especially now it is summer, for instance the blues could add a fantastic pop of colour when teamed with a nude lip or the pinks, as seen yesterday can help create a very girly look. And as for the quality? Well there are some duds (matte pink shade, I’m looking at you!), but most of the shades are very buttery and pigmented and can be applied beautifully to the eyes, especially the BEAUTIFUL bronze shade ( my favourite!).

So, my final verdict? If you are looking for a bright yet versatile summer palette with highly pigmented shades then I would definitely add this £4 wonder to your shopping lists!



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