Cucumber Face Mask

Hello everybody!

Today, we’re talking skincare and a mask from Boots that I love, the 3 minute clay mask from Boots Essentials, in the cucumber flavour.

This mask claims to be suitable for all skin types, with the cucumber extracts soothing and softening the skin while the clay mask draws out any impurities and excess oils, leaving your skin squeaky clean and fresh. I would definitely agree with this, it is perfect for my combination skin and I do fill it helps remove any grime from my face, you can definitely feel it working! Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it for those with very dry skin as I feel it would dry out the skin too much, but if your skin is normal/combination/oily, this would be great for you. In fact if you have very oily skin this would be fantastic for you, it is great at getting rid of excess oil!

The fact that this is a 3 minute mask makes it very convenient to use, on days when I just want something quick and am not going for a full on pamper, 3 minutes is easily all you need, though you can leave it on for slightly longer if necessary. 1 quick note, if you’re not a fan of a cucumber scent, STAY AWAY!! The smell can be quite strong, especially when first applied.

However this mask is a staple, I use it about once a week, as I like to mix up face masks during the week! Oh and did I mention the price? £1.50. Yeah. Need I say anymore.

The Boots Essentials 3 minute Cucumber Clay Mask can be found online here

What are your budget skincare saviours?




*Everything mentioned in this post has been bought with my own money*