Hello everybody!

First of all, apologies for a lack of posts in the past week, I have just been blown off my feet with the amount of things I have had to do, however I will ensure that that changes from now on! Today I am going to share with some of my favourite summer films, those movies that I cannot wait to sit down and watch this summer, NOT THAT I RECCOMEND YOU SPENDING ALL YOUR TIME IN FRONT OF THE TELEVISION!!! These are for those days when the great British weather means that I am sentenced to the indoors!

Favourite Summer Movies

The Hunger Games Catching Fire:
I.LOVE.THIS. I like sitting down to watch this with my fellow Hunger Games addicts (my best friends), with a big bowl of ice cream and bottle of cokes for a really lazy afternoon. The original movie is another favourite but I have a feeling I might be watching this one a bit more over the summer! Great performances, a fantastic storyline full of emotion and twists, if you like drama with hints of romance and a lot of action, then this is for you!

The Lion King:
When I was 4, I watched this everyday. EVERYDAY. Yet still sometimes to remind myself of my childhood, I settle down with my Simba soft toy, don’t even ask, and watch it for yet another time it is still one of my favourite films, WHO DOESN’T LOVE TIMON AND PUMBAA? *Bursts into singing ‘Hakuna Matataa’. Just watch this

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2:
I’ve seen all the films I’ve read every single book. I’ve been to the Studio Tour. I am a member of the online forum Pottermore, *sheepish grin*. I like the Harry Potter just a bit, just a little bit. But, this is my favourite film from my series, it is simply the perfect finale, everything the book has and more!

So, I hope you have enjoyed discovering the movies that I will be watching this summer, what are your rainy day films?